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Located in one of the plush areas of Dubai, Luxio Nail Salon has been the epitome of awe-inspiring nail enhancements and treatments among the modish womenfolk of UAE. Our strict adherence to quality, creativity, and professionalism has helped us earn a stellar reputation over the years. 

Accentuate the beauty of your hands with our supreme nail services rendered by trained Russian professionals. Your healthy, hygienic nails are of paramount importance and to take care of this, our experts give due attention to the smallest details without compromising on cleanliness. 

From a variety of manicures and pedicures following the Russian techniques, we have an enormous collection of Canadian branded products keeping in mind your exceptional choices in the world of nails.


We, at Luxio Nail Salon believe in quality and make sure to always keep it up to the mark. Bearing this belief in mind, we possess a highly skilled team comprising of certified Russian technicians who use Akzentz Professional products and tools to give you an unforgettable nail art experience.  All you need to do is just step right in! 




Luxio takes utmost care in the maintenance and sanitization of the tools used for all nail procedures. We put in every bit of effort to sterilize clippers, cuticle nippers, and similar tools, promising you the most satisfying, hygienic nail enhancement experience ever. 

Quality Is Never Compromised

We adhere to strict quality control and exercise the use of products by renowned Canadian brand, Akzentz. These products of paramount quality are free from harsh chemicals and bear no long-term ill effects on your nails, thereby retaining the health and beauty of your nails on the whole.

  • No white spots on the natural nails after removal
  • Does not dry or thin the natural nail
  • Excellent adhesion (no aggressive nail prep or filing needed)
  • Easy to cure without having to apply numerous paper-thin coats
  • Nice, silky texture applies easily and does not run into the cuticle
  • Cures in traditional CFL (compact fluorescent) lamps (aka "UV") as well as LED lamps
  • Get more gel for less money (a full half ounce in each bottle)
  • Excellent color payoff so you can get full coverage in less coats
  • No smell
  • No solvents or thinners
  • Easy and fast removal with either our acetone-based or acetone-free remover
  • Formulated to coat and protect the natural nail, Luxio delivers ease of application along with maximum control.


Please review our salon policies before booking and visiting.



Salon can only give 15 mins grace period. Later than that, the salon has the right to cancel or reschedule the booking without prior notice. If you’re already late, please note that your service will end at its original time.



Talking in a distracting manner is strictly prohibited inside the salon to avoid disturbance to other client.



In case you have a call to attend, a movie to watch or a music to listen to, we are requesting you to put your headphones on as a respect to other clients.



The salon has the right to refuse the service without prior notice to its clients who are: rude and behaves inappropriately with our staffs and other clients, always late on her appointment, multiple cancellations and/or no shows.



The salon has the right to move your appointment to another technician with the same level of expertise without prior notice. Requesting specific technician is subject upon availability.



Requesting special design, nail extensions or refill, and the likes should be discussed upon booking to reserve the slot accordingly. Accepting request at the time of your service will be based on the technician’s availability, nothing more.



Cancel for free up to 2 hours ahead, otherwise you can be charged 100% for not showing up.


Manicure / Pedicure


Machine Manicure/Luxio Gel Color180 AED
Machine Manicure 110 AED
Strengthening and leveling with luxio build 50 AED

Strengthening and leveling with hard gel

   100 AED
Machine Pedicure/Luxio Gel Color   200 AED
Pedicure/Footlogixs/Luxio Gel Color    250 AED
Machine Pedicure    150 AED
Pedicure/Footlogixs   180 AED

Nail Extension/Pro-Formance Hard Gel

350-450 AED


280 AED
Nail Repair35 AED

Glitter per nail

10 AED

Glitter Ombre per nail


French and Moon


50 AED
Ombre50 AED
French50 AED
Chrome - Pearlecent Powder50 AED
Fiol - 10 Fingers20 AED
Foil - 5 fingers10 AED
Swarovski Stones (1pc)3 AED
Swarovski Stones (10 pcs)25 AED
Swarovski Stones (more then 10 pcs per nail)55 AED
Swarovski Pixies per nail20 AED
Special DesignCall for Details
Gel Polish Removal without service50 AED
Acrylic/Hard Gel Removal with out service70 AED

* All Prices are Excluding VAT

Attention to details, to the tip of your nails!

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